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The professional equipment is brushed and the color is uniform, which increases the fashion beauty of modern craftsmanship and makes the products more generous and more grade.

pkSurface treatment

Low-quality small factory quality, poor passivation and easy rust.

The overall shape is tapered, and the welding is firm and reliable, even and full.

pkWelding process

The three-stage type has seam welding, which is prone to cracks.

For the overall taper, the shape of the flagpole rises, without a variable diameter rip, and can withstand 12 typhoons.


There is no standard size design, the flagpoles are welded together and are easy to break.

The six technical highlights of Panda Flagpole bring you value-added products and technical services

High quality materialsHigh quality materials
High quality stainless steel
Long-lasting corrosion resistance.
360 degree downwind360 degree downwind
Automatically adjust the angle according to the wind direction
Electric flag raising deviceElectric flag raising device
Patented technology remote control flag
Tapered one-piece moldingTapered one-piece molding
Conical integral molding without any weld marks
Wire drawing oxidationWire drawing oxidation
BrushThe surface is brushed and oxidized to prevent rust.
Auto accompanimentAuto accompaniment
Flag raising speed automatically matches the national anthem duration





Professional technical team

Complete and reasonable design solutions can be customized according to your needs.

Professional quality Imported production equipment

The use of the most advanced processing and production technology to ensure that product quality is at the leading level.

Professional product technology training

Provide free technical training and product technical training and guidance services for engineering staff.

Professional after-sales maintenance team

Provide technical training and technical consulting services for employees; professional after-sales team will return regularly and respond quickly

Professional logistics and distribution

Ensure that the product arrives at the project site accurately and instantly

365 days professional brand warranty

The product warranty is 1 year, providing customers with technical guidance on the use and maintenance, and long-term guarantee of the supply of spare parts.


Foshan Panda Metal Co., Ltd.

Foshan Panda Flagpole is located in the national steel town - Shunde District, adjacent to Guangzhou, enjoying superior geographical and transportation advantages. It is a modern factory integrating creation, design, construction and wholesale. The company has a group of professional professional and technical people, and from the foreign advanced production equipment, life-long dedicated to the creation and creation of flagpoles. Exclusively launched in the country, steel stainless steel custom flagpoles, electric flagpoles, is a special initiative. The custom-made flagpoles created by the department combine foreign professional technology, and adopt the imported electric program-controlled miniature flag-raising computer operating system, which is arranged in the flagpole structure to ensure that the flag-raising speed is consistent with the duration of the national anthem, and the multi-door test is flawless. The Panda flagpole wins in all walks of life. The department has consistently pursued the idea of ​​self-reliance and development, firmly focused on customer requirements, and has not stopped the optimization of our factory structure. By integrating resources, we have enhanced management innovation expertise and improved overall strength.   The department is advocating the "people-oriented, scientific and creative" approach, and adopts a development strategy of "market-oriented, talent-based, capital-backed, and brand-oriented", borrowing "services to enhance the market, satisfaction brings "profit" service plan.Panda Flagpole has not stopped providing the authorities with authoritative goods and authoritative services. We warmly welcome you to cooperate with Panda Flagpole to create brilliance.

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16 Q: Why choose our flagpole?
答:我们是专业生产旗杆的厂家。只有我们的设备能整根拉出旗杆。而且我们有专业的销售团队和售后团队,让客户买的安心和放心。 …
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